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Murdock Auto Group

When you are in the market for a vehicle, you want to give these folks a shot. We promise you won't be sorry.


Ever tried a Home Based Business?
How did that work out?
We're betting not too well.
Have you ever wondered why?

The Evolution of Apps

Finally there's not only a way to get an Incredible Online Experience practically FREE, it will take your system to a whole new level.
Why not Fire your Webmaster? And the best part, you WILL be in compliance wit the Google Rules of Engagement.

Join the Gaming Industry

We are a gaming/e-commerce platform that allows users to play challenging online skill games (across all major gaming formats) and a wide variety of LIVE interactive events. In addition to free games, their online community will be able to compete for cash and prizes.
But there is another side to this. What if you could share in the wealth in the MASSIVE online gaming community?

The Best Of State is beginning in Utah and advancing throughout the USA.
It won't take long and we'll encompass the entire Western Hemisphere.

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Yes, contact us. Support@TheBestOfState.com.
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How do you make money?

We don't charge businesses to be listed in the State Tabs but some of them have videos and we stream those videos, and we have relationships with YouTube and Vimeo.
In addition, the only folks who pay are those in the Feature pages. There is no charge to be listed as the best of a category either by State or by City.