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Coming to your area soon. Find the Best Local Deals and Steals. They pop up in your phone as you get close and you set all the controls, criteria and filters.

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If you have a website it's not a matter if IF, it's a matter of WHEN you will be a defendant in a law suit. Protect your business, get the facts.

We began in Utah and are advancing throughout the USA.
Soon we'll encompass the entire Western Hemisphere.

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No business can buy their way onto this list and there are no subscriptions. The only way to get here is through Multiple Customer Recommendations.

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If you've had a positive experience with a business, let us know.

Nobody can buy their way onto this list.

They can only be here through Referrals and Positive Reviews.

There are NO FEES or memberships of any kind required.


How do businesses get listed?

Only through Referrals. There are no subscriptions or membership fees. Nobody can be here without extensive positive reviews from Local Customers.

Can I recommend a business?

Yes, contact us. TheBestOfState@Outlook.com.
(If your email client is closed this will open it.)
Include who you recommend and several reasons why.
Please leave some contact information in the event we need to contact you if we have questions.

How do you make money?

We don't charge businesses to be listed in the State Tabs but some of them have videos we stream and we have relationships with YouTube and Vimeo.
In addition, the only folks who pay are those in the Feature pages like this one. There is no charge to be listed in a State or City lookup, only if a businesses chooses the main feature page.

Can I recommend my own business?

Yes and we will need to interview you, but many businesses do that. We don't want to exclude any good businesses from the listing.
Contact us at TheBestOfState@Outlook.com

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